Whether you want to have a private residence with room  to entertain, have family members live or visit, operate a small Inn, have your own personal studios, offices or even open an event center, Casa Lejana has the space available to follow your dreams.

A few of the highllights of the property are; 

Two guest houses with private baths,

The largest of these is a spacious and open lodge-style mini residence, with its' own kitchen bath and heating/cooling system.  Currently used only for guests, this could be a rental (short or long-term) or permanent residence for a family member or caretaker.  

Next is a two bedroom casita with private bath, two fireplaces and small AC's.  Perfect for either a separate office or short or long-term guests.   

Near the pool is a spacious cabana with bathroom which could serve as a third guest house.  The oversized pool is filled by the private well and, with its with separate wading pool for small children, is ideal for swimming laps or entertaining.

Just off of the courtyard is an ample workshop (which could easily be converted to yet another guest room) and adjoinging open-air rock "dining room" with fireplace

In the back is a rustic, brick courtyard reminiscent of Lola's English heritage.  The walkways and fountain make a fantastic focal point for photos or parties or simply relaxing.

A rock wall near the main house is signed and dated by the Mathewsons, and is capped a few of their mementos, including; 

  A shard of tile from Westminster Abbey taken after a German bombing attack in 1941,

  Remnants of green stained glass were taken from the rubble of St. Paul's cathedral after the infamous Nazi raids on London in 1940.,

  A St. Christopher medal worn by Christie Jr. during his military tour of duty.  According to Lola, this was given to Christie Jr. by John McGraw*  and his wife, Blanche who were lifelong friends of the Mathewson family.

(* John McGraw was inducted into the Baseball Hall of fame in 1937, having been in the World Series as both a player and a manager.)